It would be hard to overstate Washington’s briefing culture – whether you work in D.C. or cover your issue from afar.

It’s almost always part of the job, yet almost never talked about.

In order to gain some insight, we talked to briefers, news aggregators, report builders and legislative trackers to collect tips on how they do what they do. We also conducted an online survey that asked some very basic questions about how briefings get done.

In our helpful 14-page guide, you’ll learn:

  • Should you be using PowerPoint?
  • When to brief long and when to brief short
  • How to do briefings as a conversation
  • How many hours per week other professionals spend on briefings
  • Other interesting survey results
  • Lots more…
A few lucky souls learned their trade from their colleagues. The rest wish someone had given them this guide on Day 1.